Scottish Fiddle

Andy and Annie Dey, Banffshire, 2006
Music session with fiddles in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire 2010
GPS Peterson and the Papa Stour Sword Dancers, Aberdeen 2010
Gibby Wood, Shetland fiddler on Steamboat, 1900s ©Shetland Museum
Symbister Group, c1910 ©Shetland Museum
Entertainers, Southern Venturer, c1960 ©Shetland Musem
Reawick Regatta ©Shetland Museum
Papa Stour Sword Dancers c1930 ©Shetland Museum
Leith Harbour Musicians, South Georgia ©Shetland Museum
John Rae's Fiddle, Stromness Museum
Seal Skin Fiddle Case, Shetland Musem
Tin Fiddle, Stromness Museum

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