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2011-12 'Onboard Radio Receivers in the Scottish Fishing Industry 1950-1965: Evangelicalism and the Gospel Soloist' in The Sea and the British Musical Imagination (Cambridge University Press), Forthcoming.

2010 'The Fiddle at Sea: Tradition and Innovation Among Shetland's Sailors since the Eighteenth Century' in Crossing Over: Fiddle and Dance Studies from Around the North Atlantic 3, ed. by Ian Russell & Anna Kearney Guigne (Elphinstone Institute and Memorial University, Newfoundland, 2010), pp. 7-18.

2008 'Sacred Song at Work: Gospel Songs and Psalmody in the Workplace Along Scotland's North-East Coast', in Rethinking the Sacred: Proceedings of the Ninth SIEF Conference in Derry, ed. by Ulrika Wolf-Knuts and Kathleen Grant (Derry: Åbo Akademi University, 2008), pp. 125-38.

2007 'The Role of Sacred Song in Religious Awakenings Among the Fisherfolk of North-East Scotland During the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries' in The Travels and Travails of the ScotsHerring Girls, ed. by Jill de Fresnes (Sabhal Mor Ostaig, Skye: UHI Press, 2007) pp. 20-22

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