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Short Articles

2010 'The Impact of Ira D. Sankey on Hymnody and Instrumental Accompaniment in North-East Scottish Worship, from 1874', in Different Voices (Church of Scotland, 2010).

2008 'Precentors and Pitchpipes: Congregational Singing in Brethren Assemblies in Heirskip(2008).
2008 'Singing at the Gutting', and 'Music in the Air: Gospel Singing on Scottish Fishing Boats', published on fish and chip wrappers and distributed via Aberdeen-based fish and chips shops in conjunction with 'By-Catch', and art exhibition on the North-East Scottish fishing industry at Peacock Arts, Aberdeen. August-September 2008.
2007 'The Gospel Singing Tradition and the Fishing Industry of Buchan', Heirskip (2007), 25-7

2007 'The Singing Fishermen', Leopard Magazine 333 (March 2007), 23-4.

2004 Articles on sound archive work at Cecil Sharp House, English Dance and Song Magazine, Music Maker Magazine (2004)

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