Public Lectures

Frances gives public lectures at universities, festivals, and for special interest groups. If you are interested in knowing more, please contact her 
Some of the places she has given public lectures are as follows:
  • Aberdeen University
  • Orkney Folk Festival
  • Chester Folk Festival
  • Flavel Arts Centre, Dartmouth
  • Moose Factory, Ontario
  • Wemindji, Québec
  • Cullen Heritage Society
  • RNMDSF Aberdeen

The Fiddle at Sea

Lecture 1 - The Fiddle at Sea: Exploring the Musical Traditions of Northern Sailors
This one hour illustrated talk is an audio-visual exploration of the music which emerged as a result of the Scottish whaling and fishing industries and the Hudson’s Bay Company since the seventeenth century. The talk will be accompanied by a host of archive recordings and live renditions of instrumental music and songs from these times along with photography, video recordings and stories. ‘The Fiddle at Sea’ was a sell-out performance at Orkney Folk Festival 2010 and is not just a talk, but combines live and recorded music, photography, videos and anecdotes to present a compelling account of the importance of music among Scottish sailors and the impact of this music on those who came into contact with it.

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