Case Studies in Ethnomusicology
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MUSICultures: Atlantic Roots and Routes
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Research Project: Funeralscapes

Viking Re-enactment,
Isle of Eigg
Funeralscapes is a unique and exciting interplay between landscape, music and emotion. Combining fieldwork at ancient burial sites in Scotland with public engagement activities, this project aims to reconnect the landscape with its sonic environment.

By re-experiencing and re-interpreting the sonic environment of burial and funerals, we hope to learn more about why people choose specific burial locations, their acoustic qualities, and the roles of music and sound during the burial process. Read more…
Research Project: The Cree Fiddlers of James Bay

James Cheechoo,
Moose Factory
Since 2011, Frances has been working on a research project exploring the Cree fiddlers of James Bay and their historical and musical connections to Scotland via connections with the Hudson's Bay Company from the late 1600s. She has visited and conducted fieldwork in the region in three occasions, funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh, the Foundation for Canadian Studies in the United Kingdom, Wemindji Cultural Department, and the University of Aberdeen.

To read a a running commentary of her research, please visit her blog Here
Discovering the Sacred Traditions of North East Scotland
From September 2005 until February 2009, Frances worked as a full-time researcher of sacred music traditions of North-East and Northern Isles coastal communities, supervised by Dr Ian Russell at the Elphinstone Institute, University of Aberdeen.

She travelled extensively throughout North-East Scotland making audio recordings of musical events and conducting interviews. The research culminated in a number of conference papers and publications
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